True Nopal Cactus Water
  • 100% natural
  • no sugars added
  • electrolytes
  • potassium
  • minerals
  • non gmo
  • gluten free
  • vegan
  • low calories
  • betalain antioxidants

cactus water; it's true… for thousands of years, the people of the sonoran desert have used the nopal cactus (prickly pear) for medicinal and nutritional purposes. they believed the nopal cactus was an essential element to their health and survival… it was good then it's good now. don't just take our word for it, search "nopal cactus fruit benefits" and decide for yourself!

TrueNopal cactus water has a refreshing fruit taste and is 100% natural. it will hydrate your body with a combination of antioxidants and electrolytes with no added sugars, no preservatives, no gmo and it's even vegan and gluten-free. in other words, it's straight from the earth just the way it was intended to be. oh, btw, TrueNopal cactus water has about half the calories and half the sugar as the leading brand of coconut water. drink true…be true.


TrueNopal believes in providing products that are both good and good for you by helping support your active, healthy lifestyle. We also are passionate about doing things that are good for our environment.

Our company maintains a faithful commitment to preserving and sustaining our planet - specifically the north american deserts from which TrueNopal cactus water was born. we believe the nopal cactus is an irreplaceably nutritious gift from the desert. We support conservation efforts and long-term strategies for steady, manageable growth. We see value in advance planning, rather than risking our picturesque scenery and natural resources within the Sonoran, Chihuahuan and Mohave deserts.

We believe increasing awareness is a critical component of preserving the ecosystem. It is our constant endeavor to keep our products environmentally friendly. We proudly package with Tetra Pak, a company as equally committed as we are. Tetra Pak cartons are recyclable where facilities are established. Tetra Pak helps preserve freshness, quality, and safety. Their cartons block uv light - minimizing damage and maximizing nutritional quality. They are even BPA-free ensuring the upmost safety standards are met. Please visit for more information on the benefits of packing in cartons.

Enjoy TrueNopal cactus water as a part of your daily routine and feel the power of the cactus.


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